Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 8 – 1000++km by bus Tuesday 10/04/2012 Ouarzazate – Marrakech – Casablanca – Rabat - Tangiers

Peter and his wife Zineb who run the Bikershome in Ouarzazate are real stars and I would have been stuck without their help and really value their hospitality. Google Bikershome in Ouarzazate – a great place to stay, do a motorbike tour or seek help! Last night we were joined by two fellow bikers from the UK (Gary and his girlfriend) who turned-up on an 1100 GS. They spent the night at the Bikershome and were good company. Zineb prepared the best meal I’ve ever had in Morocco which all of us really enjoyed.

After supper, Peter drove me around town so that we could find a suitable bus to get me and the bike to Tangiers. The big CTM company were willing to do it, but with a bus change in Casablanca and there being no guarantee of space for the bike on the next bus. The very helpful CTM employee suggested that we go to the main bus station and try a company called ‘Diana’ travel who had a coach going direct to Tangiers the next evening (tonight).

Anyway, for 500MAD (€50) ‘Diana’ sold me a ticket for the 9pm coach and seem to think that squeezing on the bike won’t be a problem as long as it only has one cylinder (CB125 twin people should worry whilst DR800 owners are laughing). Sounds almost too good to be true as they probably imagine that I have a moped, let’s see…..

Well, drained the bike of petrol and took it to a local jet wash garage to get it looking ‘presentable’ for the coach. Peter then helped me to load the bike onto the back of his pick-up and off we went to the bus station. An army of helpers assisted me in getting the bike squeezed onto the bus but I was forced to remove yet more of the stuff on my bike to get it to fit which was a bit hectic as I was worried that the bus wouldn’t wait. Still, it’s on now but I will have a little bit or re-assembly to do at the bus station in Tangier followed by a 6km push to the port…..

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